Wedding Planning

Planning for your wedding day can be an overwhelming experience. With all of the choices that need to be made, from selecting a wedding venue, booking a caterer and finding your wedding dress where do you start? At The Marriage Website of course! We have created the site with you in mind. From the clean layout to the intuitive navigation we have tried to bring you quality content without all of the clutter.

Planning For Your Wedding Day

Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is a common wedding tradition that many people engage in. It's a great time to relax and really enjoy the experience leading up to the wedding. While it can certainly be turned into an extravagant affair, most couples opt for a more casual and intimate evening with just family and close friends.

Properly planning your rehearsal dinner usually involves little more than selecting a restaurant and narrowing down the guest list. Because this is usually a more private affair, the wedding party and close family are frequently the only people to attend.

Wedding Ideas

With so many cool and exciting ways to make your wedding memorable and unique, it can be hard to settle on just the right idea. Getting inspiration from other people's weddings can sometimes help to narrow down what you like and don't like, thereby making the process slightly easier.

Bridal Party Gifts

If you are looking for some cool and unique gift ideas for your bridal party check out this video. Some of the items featured are cool looking tassel key rings, a designer wine basket and monogrammed towels.

Save The Date Ideas

Traditionally save the date reminders are sent out on stationary cards. While you can create some very memorable and gorgeous cards there are other options, such as an animated web video or a personalized comic book.

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